Esks Sign Efrem Hill…Again

On May 20, 2009, the Esks signed four wide receivers to contracts in an effort to find more talented depth. Jason Barnes was one of those while Efrem Hill was one of  the others. Barnes has stuck with the Green & Gold while Hill, after winning a starting job this year coming out of training camp, was cut loose after only two regular season games. It’s an interesting turn of events that with Barnes now out for the rest of the season, the Esks called Hill to help fill out a receiving corps that has seen more than it’s fair share of injuries in the 2010 season.

Hill’s addition to the roster makes sense because with only three games remaining in the regular season, bringing an import without any CFL experience does not make a lot of sense. Apart from getting up to speed on the playbook, a receiver would also need to adjust to playing by CFL rules. Hill has a leg up on both aspects which made him a good choice for the organization and looking at the availability of free agent receivers with CFL experience, only adds to this being  a good fit. He may not be a long term solution, but Hill can certainly fill the void if needed.


On that subject, there are some Esks fans who were not huge Hill fans during his first tour of duty with the club, but when you look at the stats he produced, although not even close to the same level as Fred Stamps, Hill has been a decent contributor. In the five games he has played with the Green and Gold, Hill has caught 21 passes for 231 yards. That’s an average of 46.2 yards per game, which although not great, certainly puts him in the same range as most of the Esks secondary import receivers.

Fred Stamps – 11 Games, 1,046 yards – 95.1 yards per game

Kelly Campbell – 12 Games, 766 yards – 63.8 yards per game

Jason Barnes – 12 Games, 608 yards – 50.6 yards per game

Jamaica Rector – 9 Games (5 starts), 175 yards – 35.0 yards per start***

Derrick Armstrong – 1 Game, 33 yards – 33.0 yards per game

***Only counted Rector’s starts because he has been used exclusively as a returner in some of his games.

While he won’t set the CFL on fire, Hill provides a solid secondary option for the Esks, and more importantly, does not require the extra investment of teaching a new player all the ins and outs of a new offense, much less a new league.

With the addition of Hill to the Esks, the team released wide receiver Carl Berman from the practice roster. Berman was signed by the team on September 9, 2010 and did not see any time on the active roster.


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