Esks Rookie of the Year Candidates

The CFL sent out a news item last week informing the public of which first year players met their amazingly simple criteria for being considered a rookie. It boils down to the following,

1. The player played for a CFL team during the current season.

2. In any previous season, the player had not played for a CFL or NFL team.

Got it?

Okay, so based on that criteria, the following Esks players are eligible for the Rookie of the Year award.

The List!!!

Brad Lester (RB) Auburn
Corbin Sharun (DB) St. Francis Xavier
Daniel Porter (RB) Louisiana Tech
Nate Binder (WR) Tusculum College
Neil Puffer (LS) Queen’s
Pascal Fils (RB) Sherbrooke
Roderick Williams (DB) Alcorn St.
Saleem Borhot (DB) Saint Mary’s
Tremayne Kirkland (WR) Portland St.
Weldon Brown (DB) Louisiana Tech
Will Harris (LB) USC


It’s not easy to simply pick two or three of these guys and say “Yeah, these guys have had outstanding years and should be considered”. Injuries, unspectacular performances, and learning curves have been factors with some of the top candidates, so we have narrowed it down to the following.

Corbin Sharun– Yes, he’s only a special teamer, but Sharun has played full-out in what has been a very difficult rookie year. The GM that drafted him is long gone, and the Leduc native has been looked at as after thought by most fans. He has contributed however with nine special teams tackles – good for a tie for second place on the team – and has a monster punt block a couple of weeks ago. Call it a rooting for the underdog pick, but Sharun has earned it.

Daniel Porter– Porter has 227 yards in three games played with the Esks, but he collected 174 of those in his last game when he was the feature back. If he gets around 100 yards per game in the next three, he should finish as the second leading rusher on the Esks this season. In a weak rookie crop, those numbers, combined with his playing a big role to get the team into the post-season, could be enough for the team’s ROY award.

Roderick Williams – He’s dressed for 12 games and made 23 tackles on defence, tops for all rookies. Williams also had an interception against Calgary on September 9th, so he has contributed while on the field.

Weldon Brown – Brown has played in 13 games this year and contributed both on defense and special teams. He has 20 defensive tackles to go along with eight more on special teams. He has also returned 16 kickoffs for a total of 362 yards which gives an average of 22.6 yards per return. That’s good for second on the team after Kelly Campbell who has an average of 28.4.

The Rest

Nate Binder, Pascal Fils, and to a certain extent, Neil Puffer have all spent a good portion of the season either on the practice roster, or when they have dressed, on the sidelines. None have made especially significant contributions.

Saleem Borhot has been injured for most of the year while Brad Lester was a later addition who has since been injured.

Let’s skip Tremayne Kirkland as two receptions for a total of two yards eliminates him from the discussion.

Will Harris is still healthy, but as a back-up, unless there is a significant amount of injuries, won’t see the field much.

Your Choice

So who gets your vote Esks Nation? Amazingly enough, the results of the final three weeks could have a huge impact on who might that takes home the Esks Rookie of the Year.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Coco on October 20, 2010 at 1:04 am

    Danny p. What a gem he Is. With out a doubt. Hopefully keeping up his mashing a defence. Would like to see more will harris. Solid so far on spec teams. But no doubt. Daniel porter.


  2. Interesting selection Coco. If Porter can continue to run at a solid pace and get the Esks into the post-season, he should definetely warrant consideration. But he has to continue to produce. One game does not make a great year, much less a great career.


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