Esks Win! And apparently traded for Darian Durant?

What’s that? The CFL trade deadline has passed? Darian Durant is still playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders?

So who was that playing quarterback for the Esks on Saturday night?

RickyRay!?!?! That doesn’t make any sense. It says here that this Ray fellow rushed 12 times for 135 yards, completed 50% of his passes, and tossed two picks against one touchdown. Surely it must be someone other than Ricky Ray?

It’s wasn’t a classic performance by the Esks quarterback, but it was enough to get the job done. Oh yeah, he also pulled out the old quarterback sneak for the winning touchdown.

Rookie Kickers

With Noel Prefontaine gone to Toronto, and Paul McCallum on the sidelines due to a clerical error, the fate of both teams was left to a couple of rookie kickers. Both came through for their teams. Derek Schiavone went three for three on field goal attempts while Sean Whyte nailed a 48-yard kick to send the game into overtime. A great performance by both. Yes, we know, they aren’t true rookies, but the young men sure look like it when compared to the grizzled veterans who they were replacing.


The Esks turned the ball over three times while the BC Lions did not commit one single indiscretion in the possession game. Common sense says that the Green & Gold should have lost, but of course, common sense didn’t see Ricky Ray modeling his game after Tracy Ham either. And then the injury bug showed up with Davis Sanchez, Kamau Peterson and Kelly Campbell all getting knocked around. It was more than a little spooky. That being said, in an highly entertaining game, that was just a little over the top in terms of unconventional story-lines, the Esks found a way to win and get themselves back into contention for the playoffs. On that note folks, good night and good weekend. It’s time to celebrate that Esks win!


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  1. WOW!!!!! Ramblin’ Ricky. By his own words, not by design, but a winning formula just the same. The BC defensive coordinator should be taken and flogged. Ricky just kept doing it again and again, with no adjustment made by BC. Thank You! For the first time this season I saw a team that took what was available, ran with it, ( pun intended ), and came home with the much needed victory. OK so they gave up a big fourth qtr. lead, but still managed the win. They did not try to dictate to the other team how the game was to be played, but rather played the game that was available. Did somebody disconnect Straussers head set so he could not get in the way of a good game, or has he finally got a handle on this game? Still not a fan so I will go with the former. And how about Mcarty? Ran well, caught balls out of the backfield well, and even took some snaps at the slot position! Can Strausser still ignore this guys talent, or wiil he be shuffeled back to the bench as soon as Strausser can get him there? Also big round of applause to Porter. Who knew? The last of my bouquets goes to Prinsen and the O line. None of the above happens without them. Great job up front.

    From what I saw yesterday the Riders are struggling against the run, is it possoble our guys up front can give us an encore performance? The Armstrong aquisition is looking awfully good now. Is Rector still here? Since Strausser is relcutant to use his Canadian talent, hoping Rector is still around, because if they put in Talbot, Strausser wil not get him the ball, so better Rector than someone just filling space. All reports on the injuries I have seen have been about Campbell and Peterson, have not read or heard anything about TJ Hill. Updates anyone? Lastly what’s up with Tristan Jackson, has he forgotten how to catch? It Seems to me he has fumbled the kick receptons an awful lot lately. Hell they even pulled him on Saturday, he only went back in after Campbell got smoked.

    With the Bombers loss, pretty much all our guys have to do now is match the Lions and they are in, can they do it, or are they too fragile to handle the situation? Given our schedule and the Lions, one win should do it, two would be better.

    Since there are no games to be played until Friday, this is the first, and possibly only, week this season that Esks fans can gloat!!!!!! So let me be the first………..WE ARE IN WE ARE IN WE ARE IN!!!!!!!


  2. Damn forgot to ask you Gizzie. At what restaurant or bar will I find the server you shower above??????????


  3. Damn again!!!!! That should read showed not shower lol.


  4. Haha! That particular beauty (the server, not Ray or McCarty) is not from the Edmonton area, but was one of the best looking beer serving girls that came up on that intranet thing after the game. After a fantastic win by the EE in overtime, I figured the good fans of the Green & Gold had put up with so much ugly this season (on the field), that they deserved a little pretty here at Esks Nation.

    Have to agree with most of what you said about the team. You don’t put up 345 yards on the ground if your offensive line does not deliver a fantastic performance.

    As for TJ Hill, I’m assuming we will learn more tomorrow. I haven’t seen any reports today, but to be honest, didn’t look that hard either.


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