Esks Claim Medlock from Argos


Talk about how someone’s universe can change over the course of a couple hours. It’s possible that Derek Schiavone may have lost the starting job he inherited after Noel Prefontaine was traded to Toronto because…wait for it… Prefontaine was traded to Toronto. Makes sense folks?

After acquiring Prefontaine, the Argos waived their kicker Justin Medlock, as they have rookie Grant Shaw available as a back-up and have decided to go non-import at the kicking position. The Esks picked up Medlock, who is an import, this afternoon in a bit of bizarre move because it appeared that the reasoning behind moving Prefontaine was that they had Schiavone waiting in the wings.

When announcing the move on, general manager Eric Tillman offered up the following, “Our staff has complete confidence in Derek Schiavone and that hasn’t changed, but Justin Medlock gives us great flexibility and depth for the balance of this season and in 2011. We’ve added two good young players in Etienne Legare and Damaso Munoz, bolstered our roster with Medlock and gained significant cap flexibility for next year.”

Hmmm. Complete confidence in Schiavone, but we’ll go out and get an import kicker anyway.

Non-Import Options

When you look at the Esks roster, the team currently has 21 non-imports available on the active roster. They have to dress 20 for games, which means that if they want to use Medlock, they certainly have the flexibility to do so.

Braidwood, Fiacconi, Kabongo, Koch, Nowacki, Richardson, and Wojt are all starters. That’s the first seven to make the list. 

Bertrand, McCarty, and Peterson can be used as starters as well if needed. That’s three more than can be called upon if needed.

The remaining ten consist of Bates, Cooper, Glatt, Hinse, Légaré, Nugent, Puffer, Scott, Sharun, and St.Pierre. There’s your 20 and Schiavone once again could find himself on the reserve roster this weekend.

Oh, and don’t forget that Nate Binder, Pacal Fils, and Adam Rogers are all still available on the practice roster if the Esks need them.

Who Starts?

Consider that Medlock made 87% of his field goals last year and has demonstrated that he can hit that all important 50-yarder, something tells me that he could be the guy lining up in uniform on Saturday. The Esks still have a chance to make the playoffs and despite the 4-10 start, could actually emerge from Empire Stadium holding their playoff destiny in their hands. It’s a tough break for Schiavone, but this is part of professional sports. Teams will do whatever they can to win here and now until they are completely out of the post-season picture. Only then will they start to truly look towards the future. Just a guess, but the guy in the video below will be kicking for the Esks this weekend. 



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  1. Feel bad for the young Canadian, but as you pointed out, as long as there is a chance, you do what you can to win now. Liking Tillman more and more. Just a couple of moves and all of a sudden we have a an experienced wide out with size and speed, lots of cap room, and enough roster juggling space to use an import kicker. In this season of ……… I can’t believe they did that…….all of a sudden there seems to a reason for optimism. Rather not have the cancer known as Campell playing, but nothing is perfect. Also wish Wally had waited another week to turf Printers. Would have been better for our guys if they had kept their cancer in their room for another week. Should be a fun game, hoping our guys understand they are out of chances, and show up for the anthem and play to the end.


  2. Posted by TurfToe on October 15, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    I’m not so quick with the applause for ET.

    He says that Shiv is the Esks’ kicker to be… then signs another guy. That kind of ‘say one thing but do another’ is the kind of stuff ET’s critics have been bringing up. Worse still, that’s the kind of stuff we were getting from Maciocia.

    The signing of Armstrong isn’t much of an upgrade IMO. He’s not had the best of things said about him by those who follow the teams he’s been with. He’s got some flash, but loafs when the balls not coming to him. And don’t expect him to get involved in downfield blocking. Further, he’s been known to be a bit of complainer. Considering his age, I think he should be past all that stuff at this stage of his career. Kelly Campbell, for all his faults (and they are many) is young enough to grow into a decent player.

    And finally, It’s been said (o.k. rumoured – as it was previously stated by the former GM) that the Esks were close to the Cap already. Ttrading Pre, and then taking on Armstrong, Legare and now Medlock would more than erase any ‘room’ freed up’ by dealing Pre.

    I look at those 3 items and don’t see a call for saying ‘good job’ to ET yet.

    The only good things in all of this…
    – Armstrong is likely only a temporary fill in considering KC’s injury;
    – Legare is at least a NI who can contribute;
    – Medlock could be insurance for the home stretch if needed and/or trade bait in the future (though, the same could be said for Shiavone which then takes us back to point one).
    Especially when you factor in that Pre’s contract was up for negotiation in the off season


  3. Posted by TurfToe on October 15, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Oh, and I meant to add… It’s been said that Medlock will dress for the game against BC.

    With Mo Lloyd out, and the game as important as it is, would it not have been better to focus on that area? Suddenly we’re thin at LB especially against the run (not that Mo was doing a great job there but…).


  4. Posted by TurfToe on October 15, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    alright, me again… sorry!! LOL

    Just looked at the EE depth chart and as it stands now, Shiv is on there as both P and K. If Medlock comes on, an import will have to come off – that in itself could be interesting. T Jackson perhaps?

    Also, despite the injury, Mo is listed as backing up R Davis.


  5. I think saw somewhere that Ellis is out for this week, so Medlock could potentially take that spot. Medlock was certainly brought in as a short term solution to the kicking game. He has proven he can hit from 50+, while Schiavone’s career long in both college and professional is 39 yards. In a tight game, having that kicker that can nail the long one could be vital.

    It’s curious that he is not on the depth chart thus far.


  6. Posted by TurfToe on October 18, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    After seeing the ‘clerical error’ that led to McCallum not being able to play, I can see why it’s worth having a kicker on the 46 man list!


  7. Ummm…Yes. The move by ET to add Medlock looks all the better after that particular snagfu. Could you imagine if we had Andrew Nowacki making kicks for us? Yikes!


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