Esks Add Quarterback to the PR


The Esks have announced the addition of a new quarterback to the practice roster this morning as they have signed former Eastern Washington product Matt Nichols. Nichols spent the past summer on the training camp roster of the Dallas Cowboys where he completed 10 of 16 passes for 81 yards and two interceptions during preseason action. He was released on August 19th. To see a pretty impressive pass that he made during the preseason action, click on the following link.

Matt Nichols 40-yard pass

During his college career at Eastern Washington, which by the way is a Division 1-AA school, Nichols put up some pretty decent numbers including a senior campaign where he completed 65.1% of his passes for 3,830 yards, 33 touchdowns, and only six interceptions. The one knock on Nichols seems to be that he takes a lot of sacks, including 28 over 12 games in his senior year.

Bringing in a new quarterback, even for just a little bit of look, is always interesting because they have the potential to become the face of the franchise. Say what you want about other position players, but a quarterback is someone who is known throughout the league’s entire fan base because of the position’s high profile. Most fans can tell you who the back-up quarterback is for each team, but ask them who is the back-up middle linebacker for Montreal (currently Raymond Fontaine) and you will get nothing but blank looks from all but the most ardent supporters of the league. Nichols may be nothing more than an extra arm, but the potential for something bigger should have fans intrigued by this latest Esks signing.


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