Esks Trade Pre. Rebuild Continues.

Noel Prefontaine was a gamer during his time with the Esks. No one can argue that he didn’t give it his all on every play as evidenced by the video above. His competitive spirit will be certainly be missed on an Esks team that will need every bit of fight they have left in them to make the playoffs in 2010.

Prefontaine might have asked for a trade back to Toronto, or he might not have said anything. It’s a moot point with the Esks trading the veteran kicker for non-import Etienne Legare, the second overall draft pick in the 2009 CFL Draft along with import linebacker Damaso Munoz. The trade has now been confirmed by the Esks on their website.

Prefontaine, despite being rumoured as wanting to go back east, was nothing but a consummate professional during his time in Green & Gold as he was one of the most consistent performers on the roster. Despite his ability to make the clutch kicks, his tenure in Edmonton was not going to be a long one in any regard as the organization does have Derek Schiavone waiting in the wings, who at nearly 12 years younger, represents the future for the position in Edmonton.

Legare is a defensive tackle who will back-up Adam Braidwood for the remainder of the season with Dee Sterling on the nine-game injured list. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see where the Esks decide to use the 265-pound Legare who could potentially be moved outside to defensive end. Either way, the Esks have a very solid non-import prospect to work with moving forward, and with the potential addition of defensive lineman Brian Bulcke next year, it’s not unreasonable to potentially see two non-imports starting along the defensive line sometime in the near future. It should be noted that Legare has compiled exactly one tackle this season while dressing for eight games.

The Esks also received defensive back/linebacker Munoz in the deal in the trade, which based on his current status as a first year import, could be nothing more than a throw in, but it’s intriguing to see that a soon to be 37-year old kicker, as good as he is, couldn’t be pried away from the Esks for the price of just a highly touted prospect 10 years his junior. Count me in as one of those who like this move by Eric Tillman as he starts building towards a better future in Edmonton.


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