Esks need to give fans hope


If fans lose hope, they start to not care. When they start to not care, they stop paying attention. When they stop paying attention, an organization is in trouble. It’s the beginning of a vicious cycle that can leave a team reeling for years, if not decades.

Taking all that into account, a wise man once told me “Even though the past isn’t positive…the future has yet to be written.”

The recent roster changes, despite their timing, have to offer Esks fans a glimmer of hope for the future. It’s not like the team is simply mailing in the rest of the season, and with a playoff spot on the line for one of either BC, Edmonton, or Winnipeg to call their own, improbable endings to the 2010 season are still available. Can the Esks still win the Grey Cup? Sure they can. It’s doubtful based on the way the team played on Monday, but until they are eliminated from contention, the Esks are still in the hunt.

Whitlock out for the season

Arkee Whitlock, along with Chris Ciezki were both moved to the nine-game injured list today, effectively ending their seasons. The loss of Whitlock is an especially big blow to the Esks offense as he has been one of the only consistent performers on offense. Ciezki, meanwhile, is one of the teams top players on special teams.

One man’s misfortune is another’s opportunity

Esks fans will get a chance to see some of the new talent that has been brought in over the past month as Brad Lester, Kelly Bates, Marko Mitchell, and Will Harris have all been moved to the active roster. Besides the addition of those four players, return man Tristan Jackson and fullback Graeme Bell have both been reactivated from the injured list.

With Pascal Fils being returned to the practice roster, and Calvin McCarty still nursing a broken thumb, Lester will be the feature back in Friday’s game. The former Auburn Tiger will have his hands full with the Stamps, who are ranked first against the run in the CFL.

It looks like Kelly Bates will most likely assume a backup role for his first game in the Green & Gold, slotting in behind starting left guard Kyle Koch. With the release of Calvin Armstrong, Greg Wojt is expected to start at tackle. If he struggles, the Esks could insert Bates and shuffle a few people around.

Marko Mitchell will be a player to watch on Friday night, and fans should have no trouble spotting the giant receiver who stands six-foot-four. The Esks receivers have dropped too many balls this year and Mitchell is supposed to have pretty decent hands to go along with 4.49 40-yard speed.

TJ is back!

The return of Tristan Jackson to lineup couldn’t come soon enough for the Esks, as the team has used five different players to return punts this year. In 2009, Jackson led the CFL in yards per return for players with more than 20 returns during the season. Getting better field position can only help a struggling Edmonton offense and make it that much harder for the Stamps to complete scoring drives.


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