Sobering thoughts is supposed to be place for fans of the Green & Gold to read and discuss their favorite CFL football team, however, every once in awhile, addressing a social issue or reminding you to buy flowers for Mother’s Day is something that we do. Like it or leave it. That being said, an issue was raised this past week here on the Edmonton airwaves and we thought it would be prudent to share it with our readers.

On Wednesday afternoon as part of the Jason Gregor Show on the Team 1260, Gregor and Meg Morrison undertook what could probably be best deemed as a “think about it experiment” where they drank alcoholic beverages at staged intervals and measured their sobriety readings to see how much booze it took to get impaired. The purpose of the sanctioned on-air drinking was to raise awareness about the effects of alcohol on a person and the line between being sober and impaired. It was an interesting lesson for those who followed alone and you can read about the results here.

While attending this past weekend’s Edmonton Eskimos game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, one of the things that I noticed was how busy the beer vendors were at selling their goods to the masses in attendance. Reflecting upon that thought while listening to Gregor and Morrison, I had to wonder how many impaired drivers rolled out of parking lots around Commonwealth Stadium after the game. If there was even one, it was one too many.

With the long weekend upon us, the message promoted by Gregor and Morrison is one that people needed to hear. I know that some of you out there may be going down to Calgary to watch the game this weekend, or you might be staying here and attending the rematch next Friday. While in attendance, you might decide to have a few drinks. There is nothing wrong with that, however, please plan ahead and make sure you take the proper steps to avoid making what could be a life changing mistake. The Eskimos, along with Edmonton Transit, provide free transportation to and from the football game with your ticket to the game so there is no excuse for needing to use your car. Be smart out there and take care of not only yourself, but your fellow CFL fans.

If you didn’t have a chance to listen to the show, I would highly recommend having a listen to the podcast which can be found here. In closing, would like to personally thank Gregor, Morrison, and the Team 1260 for having the guts to tackle such an important issue that far too often is ignored.

Stay safe out there, and whatever you do, don’t turn the key to your car’s ignition if you have been drinking.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Unfortunately, some lessons are hard to learn. I was happy to see the flashing red and blue on the highway on my home from the game. A check stop had been set up on HWY 16. But it was in the west bound lane. There must have been a reason but catching fans heading back to Sask. after the game was not it. I was upset to see empty beer cans on the road a few minutes later. I can only hope the passengers were the drinkers – not that is acceptable either.


  2. Thanks for the response. Something that certainly needs attention brought to it. One would think that the police would see the rowdies leaving a football game as easy pickings. It’s too bad the checkstop was going the wrong way although it is still encouraging that they are out there.


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