Monday Morning Long Snapper

Zabransky looked good, but Ray is still the man

When is came time to decide the fate of Saturday’s game, the Esks turned to their veteran leader to get the job done. The debate which has raged over who should be starting at quarterback for the team should at least be given a rest. Despite an admirable performance by Zabransky, who came on in relief of Ray, the guy who got the job done and who posted the better stats was number 15. We’ll break down the performances of the quarterbacks later, but for now, let’s just be glad that we have both Ray and Zabransky on the team.

Darian Durant

Last week, in the run up to the game against the Riders, we commented on how if Darian Durant were forced into making some turnovers, the Esks could win the game. Well folks, the Esks secondary took advantage of one of the biggest risk takers at quarterback in the CFL and made him pay. Three picks by Durant usually means a Roughriders loss and Saturday was not the exception to the rule.

The Maurice Lloyd Factor

Another item touched on last week was how Maurice LLoyd needed to be a factor in the game, and although he wasn’t the biggest playmaker on the defensive side of the ball for the Esks, he did contribute and led what was a very tough unit. His three tackles and oneĀ interception might not have been enough on their own to help the Esks win what amounted to a defensive struggle, but he set the tone and made plays which only helped to inspire his teammates.

Defensive standouts

TJ Hill, Rod Davis, and Kai Ellis certainly earned their pay-cheques on Saturday. Hill has six defensive tackles, two special teams tackles, and one interception while Davis replicated those numbers minus the inteception. Ellis meanwhile had five tackles, two quarterback sacks, and a forced fumble. Going into Calgary next week against the best team in the CFL, who also leads the league in scoring, it will be incumbent upon these three veterans to once again step up and make an impact.

Big weekend for the Food Bank

Thank you to all those who brought down an item or donated cash to the Edmonton Food Bank. This is the one charity where almost everyone could eventually find themselves using at one point in their life and your generosity is making a difference in the lives of your fellow Edmontonians and Esks fans. The Food Bank reported that they received about 6,000 kilograms of food at the game along with about $22,000. Considering that Food Banks have been reported to be able to stretch dollars where a $1 donation can buy up to five kilograms of food, Edmonton should be proud of lending a helping hand. Just a reminder though, just because the Esks drive is over doesn’t mean you can’t keep making a monthly donation.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Coco Crsip on August 30, 2010 at 10:41 am

    Gizzie, why not Jason Maas. I never will understand why they don’t give him a chance. I know he played a bit in Calgary, but why isn’t Jason the first choice?


  2. @Coco Crisp

    Zabransky offers the Esks an entirely different look at quarterback and is also the future of the Esks at the QB position. The different look is what the coaching staff appear to be have been going for in this case. I’ll get in to it in a future article. As for Maas, he is pretty close to retirement and is only there as an insurance policy. At 1-6, the Esks don’t have a lot to lose by playing Zabransky. It has been speculated he will move into a coaching role in the CFL when his playing career is done.


  3. Posted by Coco Crsip on August 30, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    @ Gizzie Willie

    Say the Esks crawl back to 4-6 record, would we see more Maas or Zabransky?


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