Room on the practice roster

By my count, the Esks currently have 21 imports, 22 non-imports, and three quarterbacks on their active roster. That’s a total of 46 players on a roster, the maximum allowed. Derek Schiavone is currently occupying one of those non-import spots, and barring an injury to Noel Prefontaine, will remain on the reserve list until after the ninth game of the season when he will most likely be stashed on the 9-game injured list.  They also have five players on the injured list and five players on the 9-game injured list. The team, however, currently only has four of its possible seven practice roster positions filled. The Esks have room to add players if they so choose, or they can go with what they have and wait for some of their injured players to get healthy enough to play. For a team that’s 1-6, parachuting in some reinforcements doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Last week, we talked about some potential non-imports that the Esks could look to add from other teams practice squads, and they may still decide to bring in a non-import, either from a practice roster or a free agent floating around out there. They could also very well bring in someone who has been cut from an NFL camp. If they choose to go this route, there is a question that needs to be asked.

Which positions need some help?

A team needs to assume that any player brought into town can make a positive impact on the playing field, especially an import with NFL experience. Just look at the impact Kenny Pettway has made despite having no previous CFL experience. Football is football, and good players will excel in the CFL if they are motivated and work hard. So assuming that the Eskimos can bring in a player or two that could make a difference, which roster spots need the help?

On the offensive side of the ball, the only position that could use an import boost would be at wide receiver/slotback. With Fred Stamps still on the mend, and the offense struggling to put points on the board, adding another impact receiver would be a good use of a roster spot. Finding that player is easier said than done, but the organization could certainly bring in another body to try and add some depth to a position that has not shown much in terms of results aside from the high yardage counts of Stamps and Kelly Campbell.

On defense, the logical place to look for additional help seems to be along the defensive line. The release of Andre Coleman, along with the defensive line’s inability to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks dictates that this could be position of improvement for the Esks. Add in the fact that opposing offensive lines have been blowing open huge holes for their running backs to run through, giving the Esks defense the honour of being the worst in the league against the run, adds further credence to this being an opportunity for improvement.

Regardless of what position potential additions may play, adding new players to the mix certainly can’t hurt the Esks, who despite their record still have a very good opportunity to make the playoffs. It’s quite possible that the Esks may not be able to find a player that can be a difference maker, but the team should certainly see if they can find one.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Adam on August 19, 2010 at 11:42 am

    How about the O-line? Linebacker? Those positions have been brutal.


  2. @Adam

    As for the offensive line, unless there is a non-import out there that can help, it’s doubtful that this would be a place where the Esks look to add. Both Jeremy Parquet and Calvin Armstrong have played well as the two imports, so replacing them isn’t really something the team should be looking at doing.

    As for the linebackers, Maurice Lloyd, TJ Hill, Rod Davis, and non-import Javy Glatt have all played reasonably well although perhaps creating a few more turnovers would be nice. Davis in particular has played pretty good after being a backup to start the season. The loss of Mark Restelli to injury has certainly hurt, so maybe adding another linebacker to the mix might help. That being said, there still seems to be other areas of need that should be addressed before the Esks start looking at linebacker.


  3. Posted by Adam on August 19, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    I would like to Ike Charlton brought in. I am not a Lloyd fan, he needs to shut up and do something on the field. He talks a great game but only plays an average game.


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