CFL Roundup 15.0

Hard Knocks

Out of all the major sports league in North America, the NFL dominates when it comes to promoting its product. The draft is now a three day (or is it four, I can’t keep track) affair and the Super Bowl is essentially a holiday south of the border. So maybe the CFL, along with its television partner TSN, should take a page out of the NFL playbook and start producing a version of the “Hard Knocks” documentary series which chronicles the training camp of one team every year. Think about it for a second and it makes sense for the league to embark on a production of this nature. The CFL has just recently started broadcasting it’s non-import draft and getting more face time for its players in front of the paying public is something that can only help to grow the game.

NFL Cuts Continue

Ryan Grice-Mullen, formerly of the BC Lions, was released by the Miami Dolphins on Wednesday. Could he be making his way back to the CFL? It’s been a little surprising that despite quite a few players being released by NFL clubs over the past couple of weeks, there have not been that many new signings by CFL teams. There are bound to be some talented players available out there looking for a place to play. It’s up to CFL teams to see if they can entice them to make the move to the three down game north of the border.

Garcia to the UFL

Speaking of guys who can’t land an NFL job, Jeff Garcia is on his way to play in the UFL. Why the UFL and not the CFL for Mr. Garcia? It’s a darn good question and something that we explored back in April and its still a valid thought. Garcia is basically winding up his career and a return to the CFL might actually be a better play for the talented quarterback.

3 Down News

For those of you who sport the trendy iPhone, there is an app out there that might be of interest to CFL fans. 3 Down News is a must have for CFL fans, especially those who like to follow the various blogs being written about teams around the league. Of course can be accessed via this handy little app, so sign-up for your one stop CFL news app for your iPhone.

CIS and NCAA Football Starting Up

CIS camps are beginning to open around the country and it won’t be long until we start hearing reports from NCAA teams down south. Get out your prospects list because the next generation of CFL players are honing their craft in schools both north and south of the border.


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