Stamps are Winners. Esks…you can guess.

If the Esks want to learn how to play football, all they have to do is watch how things are done by the Calgary Stampeders. RJ Franklin takes a monstrous hit from Maurice Lloyd, holds on for the touchdown, comes back in the third quarter and takes another monstrous hit by the Rod Davis, once again holding on to the football. After making those two outstanding catches, do you know what Franklin has to say?

Nothing, zip, nada, zero.

He didn’t have to. His team was winning the football the game, and the only statement that needed to made, was being taken care of on the scoreboard. Everything about the Stampeders on Sunday screamed of a winning football team that had been there before, were on their way to another one, and will surely be walking down victory lane a few more times before the season runs out. Unfortunately for the Esks and their fans, there was nothing even remotely close to a winning football team on the visitor’s sideline at McMahon Stadium.

The Esks have an attitude problem. The team is filled with players, who although very talented, appear to care only for themselves instead of the team. Esks fans have not witnessed the type of supreme effort demonstrated by Franklin from any of their players this year. Instead we get receivers celebrating first downs like they were touchdowns. Defensive players laying a big hit and celebrating even though the opposing player accomplished what they intended to do. And players talking a big game, but refusing to back it up after kickoff. Winners don’t do anything that would potentially work against their team. The Esks seem to not really care.
Edmonton sports fans have watched enough winners go through this town over the years to know what they look like. The current batch of Esks looks nothing like what fans have witnessed in the past. So if they don’t look like and act like winners, what are the current players? We’ll leave that one for others to answer.

The Bye Week

At least fans are being given a short reprieve from one of the most trying seasons in Eskimos history. In fact, 2010 might well be remembered as one of the worst of all time in Edmonton if one combines the result of the Oilers along with what looks to be a similar season for the Esks. At least the followers of the Copper & Blue had the Taylor Hall cookie dangling in front of them.

During the bye week, we will be continuing to talk all things Eskimos, but with a few other CFL topics thrown into the mix. I’m pretty sure we can all use the distraction. The bye week is a time to reflect on the first seven games of the season while getting ready for what will undoubtedly be a very interesting final eleven games. For Esks fans, one can only hope that the team looks at their collective faces in the proverbial mirror and gets the world biggest wake-up call. It may be wishful thinking, but for the moment, that’s all that Esks fans really have.


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