Taking a run at non-import talent

The return of Jordan Sisco to the Saskatchewan Roughriders this past week, and his current assignment to the practice roster led to the train of thought that maybe the Esks should start looking around the league for players they can poach off of other teams practice rosters. Sisco is protected until tomorrow, at which time if the Riders don’t assign him to either the active roster, the nine-game injured list, the reserve list or the waived-injured list. It’s highly unlikely that they would expose such a talented prospect to the prospect of him being scooped by another team, but stranger things have happened. If by some miracle he is simply left on the practice roster, there are sure to be handful of other CFL teams waiting to ink him to a contract.

So should the Esks go fishing for prospects? Going younger and cheaper might be something that the team is willing to consider, especially after clearing some space by releasing Andre Coleman and Joe McGrath. Here are few players the Esks could consider if this is an option that they look to pursue.

Zac Carlson, OL, Calgary Stampeders

Carlson was originally selected by Hamilton in the 2009 supplemental draft, but was released at the end of training camp this year. He was immediately snapped up the Calgary Stampeders who were looking for some depth on their offensive line after numerous retirements in the off-season. He has the physical tools at six-foot-four, 300-pounds, the question is if he has the drive to be a long-term CFL player. Carlson has the potential to be a starter in the CFL someday, and could be an intriguing prospect for the Esks.

Jordan Sisco, WR, Saskatchewan Roughriders

The eighth overall selection of the 2010 CFL Draft, Sisco is a little late arriving on the CFL scene due to a stint with the Indianapolis Colts. His strength as a receiver is a very good set of hands and the ability to make plays after the catch. Although not overly big, Sisco has shown that he can fight for balls and would be a nice addition to the Esks receiving corps. Don’t forget that he is still protected until tomorrow when the Riders will have to make a decision on what they do with their young prospect.

Matt Morencie, OL, Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Morencie is a very athletic lineman prospect who has been working hard to bulk up to a level where he can be a lineman in the CFL. He’s currently listed at six-foot-three and 290-pounds, so he still needs to get bigger and stronger if he wants to compete as a regular in the CFL. Still, there are elements to like about the former 2009 draft pick.

Eddie Steele, DT, Hamilton Tiger-Cats

If the Esks are serious about trying to go with a non-import at defensive tackle, they might be interested in adding some depth behind Adam Braidwood and Dee Sterling. Steele was ranked to go in the top two rounds of the 2010 CFL Draft, but fell to the end of the third round where Hamilton scooped up the former Manitoba Bison.

Nickolas Morin-Soucy, DE, Montreal Alouettes

The Esks haven’t really shown a desire to fill defensive end positions with non-imports, at least not in the staring lineup. Morin-Soucy is basically a younger version of the Esks Justin Cooper, a player who can fill in if needed, but will probably not start in the CFL. Not sure if the Esks could use him, but he looks like one of the better prospects on the Alouettes practice roster.

Roster Spots Available

With the release of Coleman and McGrath, the Esks have room to add a player to their lineup if they feel like they want to sign a quality prospect. Adding either Sisco or Carlson could be a good start to putting younger pieces into place. Then again, they may decide to leave those spots available for players who have been released from NFL training camps so going after another team’s practice roster may not be the way to go.


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