Staring down the barrell of a 3-15 season

It not fun to even contemplate, but the Esks could very well be looking at a 3-15 season, and that’s not just by multiplying their currents results by three. In six games this season, they have won exactly one game, and it was against a BC Lions team that currently sports an equally unimpressive 1-5 record. This team has not shown the drive, desire, or dedication to win the close games and finish off opponents that provide them an opportunity to win. And it doesn’t get an easier.

Over the next six game stretch of the season, the Esks will play three games against the Calgary Stampeders, and one game against each of Saskatchewan, Montreal, and Toronto. All teams with winning records and with the exception of Calgary, all teams that the Esks have lost to in the regular season. Not that it counts for much, but the Stampeders did beat the Esks in the pre-season as well. All of these teams have looked good for a variety of reasons this season and all have deficiencies. It’s not like the team can find a victory when playing against these teams, but each of these organizations won’t be rolling over and giving up the two points without a fight.

Looking past the next six games, an ambitious enterprise at this point in the season, will see the Esks finish off the 2010 regular season with back-to-back games against Hamilton followed by singles against BC and Winnipeg along with two more games Saskatchewan. Certainly an easier schedule when compared to the middle third of the season, but once again, the Esks will be playing desperate teams that will be competing for playoff spots. The games against Hamilton and Winnipeg, at this point in the season, look like they will loom very large in the CFL playoff picture. Of course there could be changes to the standings that make those games less important, but the fact that remains that in order for the Esks to even think about post-season play means that they will need to win some games at some point.

So where will the wins come? They have already beaten BC, so could take of one win there. Hamilton has struggled this season, and a split isn’t that far out of the question. Aside from that, are there any other games where fans can enter with a high degree of confidence?

At this point in the season, based on the current results, it’s tough to have a lot of confidence in the team. As a fan, you want to hope that the team can find the magic potion that allows them to turn the corner, but it’s out of the hands of those who watch from the stands and on television. The Esks need to take a hard look in the mirror and decide where they want to go with the 2010 season. No one else can affect the outcomes of the games. Right now, a 3-15 season seems like it could happen. Not something anybody would hope for, but the team will need to make some changes to the way they play, and it’s not just the X’s and O’s. Will they? That is now the pivotal question.


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  1. Posted by Robert on August 9, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    Well After macocia..i guess rick laracheour should go . maybe next year will be better.We need a change from the old boys club!!


  2. @Robert

    I don’t think Rick LeLacheur is going anywhere, at least not in the short term. LeLacheur is an excellent on the business management side of things, but admits that he is not a football operations man. That was Maciocia’s gig and now the Esks need to at the very least find a replacement general manager. It’s been specilated that the team will also add a senior vice-president of football operations in the off-season to oversee this part of the organization.


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