Esks Game Day #6

The Esks can head in one of two directions tonight. Win, and the road to recovery continues. Lose, and there could be even more changes to the organizational depth chart within the next week. If last week was the must win game of the season, tonight’s match-up is probably the pivotal point.

Despite Matt Dunigan’s claim that the Esks have a “lucky draw”, someone might want to tell the Argos that they should lie down and rollover tonight against the Esks tonight as they have done everything but this season. After losing their season opener to the Calgary Stampeders, the Argos reeled off three straight wins against Winnipeg, Calgary, and Hamilton before taking a step back against the Montreal Alouettes last week. Not world beaters, but three wins is still three wins. Make no mistake about it, this is not the same Argos team from 2009.

Scoring Quarters

The Esks have struggled to put up points in the first and fourth quarters this year with 71% of their scoring coming in the 15 minutes before and after halftime. The opposite holds true for the Argos who have outscored their opponents by 20 points in the opening and final quarters while being outscored by 56 points in the second and third quarters. The third quarter has been especially rough for the Argos who have only managed to put up nine points while surrendering 44 to opposing offenses. The Esks have shown that they can be effective after making their mid-game adjustments so watch closely in the third quarter to see how Richie Hall’s players come out for the second half. It could very well be the turning point in the game.

Time Change

Tonight’s game starts just after 8 pm MST, which means that the Argos will be playing at 10 pm according to their internal clocks. Teams traveling from the east have struggled with the later start times so home field advantage will be in play right from the start of the game.

Crowd Noise

There has been much discussion over the web during the young season about crowd noise at Commonwealth Stadium. The Esks have promoted the use of horns and fans cheering with passion via their Facebook page and has also taken up the call to fans to make a positive impact at the games. So be loud and proud for your defense tonight Edmonton. They need your support and with a first year starter in the CFL lining up under centre for the Argos in Cleo Lemon, disrupting his ability to communicate will no doubt help the Green & Gold to be successful in a very important game.


Since 2004, the Esks are 3-9 versus the Argos, however, they have won the last two meetings.  Toronto has not won a game in Commonwealth since 2007, and it would be great to see this streak continue.


Friday, August 5th 8:00 pm MST @ Commonwealth Stadium

Weather Forecast: +22. Chance of thunder-showers


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