Esks Game Day #5

Normally predicting final outcomes is something that is better left to others, but there is something in the air today that smells like an Eskimos victory. Okay, so maybe that’s just the fresh muffins being cooked by the local baker, but at least something smells good.

Everyone is saying that this game is a must win, but isn’t every game? You never know which two points can make the difference between making the playoffs, or watching them on television. Two points earned in July are worth exactly the same as two points earned in October. Teams might tooth and nail for points all year round and the Esks had better realize that their chances are starting to run out. Oh, and it’s not like the BC Lions won’t be equally desperate for the two points tonight at Commonwealth given that they are only one win better than the Esks and that is was against said Esks where those two points were earned.

Esks Advantage?

When  a team is without their starting quarterback, the advantage should shift to the opposing squad. Unless of course that team is the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, whose backup shredded the Eskimos last week enroute to a ridiculously easy victory. Enter Travis Lulay, whose career total of 851 passing yards represents a typical three or four games for the Eskimos Ricky Ray. Lulay is surrounded by a very skilled BC Lions offense, who will undoubtedly do everything they can to take the pressure off of the young quarterback. The Esks should have an advantage here, but as last week proved, backups can win games in the CFL. Add one more point in favour of Lulay, his quarterback rating for the season is ten points higher than Casey Printers efficiency rating.

Running Back Issues

After scorching the Esks defense for 168 yards back on July 4, Lions running back Jamal Robertson has been having trouble moving the ball on the ground as he has gained only 112 yards total in the past three weeks. The Esks have the worst run defense in the league at the moment and it will be important for them to put the brakes on Robertson fairly early in the game.

Pressure on the Quarterbacks

The Lions are tied with Winnipeg for the most sacks in the league with 13, but the pressure that the defensive line is getting on opposing quarterbacks is not helping the secondary get any interceptions. To date the Lions have only picked off two passes, which puts them last in that statistical category. Let’s not forget that the Esks offensive line gave up five sacks in the season opener.

What happens if…

So what happens if the Esks win this game? Is everybody happy? Does life return to normal? If the team drops another game, there is bound to be a few changes in the organization. If they win, can the Esks be satisfied with the two points, or do they continue to make some changes anyway because beating the 1-3 BC Lions does not exactly qualify you as a championship caliber team. Win or lose, there could still be changes on the way.


Friday, July 30th 7:00 PM MST @ Commonwealth Stadium

Weather Forecast: +28, Cloudy Periods


One response to this post.

  1. Stats, playing against a back up, jobs on the line, blah blah blah. All of this means nothing at this point. If the Esks can’t find a heaping dose of confidence and pride, and fast, they are done. I have said this before, as of right now, and for the last couple of seasons, they should change the logo on the helments to read……..this space for rent, because inside the helments is just vacant space. Everyone wants to blame Machocia, Rick L, Ritchie Hall, and on and on. If the players can’t, or won’t, find some drive and pride, then it matters not who is at the helm. Right now all I see is a bunch of paycheck players. Is everything all right with the world if they win tonight? NO!!!!! If they win tonight they have to look at who they beat. Right now these two teams could change uniforms, and likely noone would notice. We need three or four in a row before I will be close to a believer. They have the talent, but do they have the head for it? Time will tell.


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