Giving PR Players a Shot

All this talk about changes being made got one Gizzie Willie thinking about the other players on the practice roster who were not activated. If you want a motivated player, look no further than the guys making a couple hundred bucks a week toiling away on the chance that they could one day see themselves on the active roster. Let’s take a look at the players who make up the practice squad and see if any could potentially get in the game any time soon.

Pascal Fils, RB

Possible Replacement For: Calvin McCarty, Mathieu Bertrand, Chris Ciezski

Fils played well in the pre-season but the three players ahead of him are all veteran performers who contribute at a very high level for their respective positions. Although McCarty did have that fumble against Saskatchewan, he bounced back against Winnipeg and was one of the more productive players on offense. If Fils gets a shot, it will be much later in the year.

Daniel Libre, RB

Possible Replacement For: Arkee Whitlock

When looking for Eskimos to blame for the team’s horrendous start to the season, no one should be looking at Whitlock. The Esks feature running back has carried the ball 56 times for 328 yards, good for a 5.9 yards per carry average. He’s scored three touchdowns and has yet to put the ball on the ground. Although it would be interesting to see what Libre can bring to the offense, don’t count on the Esks sitting down Whitlock unless he gets injured.

Tyler Scott, WR

Possible Replacement For: Andre Nowacki

With Scott signing on just a couple of days ago, there is no way that he can be ready to jump into the lineup for at least another week. Although throwing a player in before he has had a chance to learn every single detail of the playbook can sometimes be beneficial, turning him loose without the basics is asking for trouble.

Adam Rogers, G

Possible Replacement For: Kyle Koch

Rogers has managed to draw onto the active roster for the first game of the season before being on the reserve list for the next two. Rogers is a prospect that could have a long term future with the club if he continues to develop. Inserting him into the lineup at this point would probably do more harm than good.

Will Harris, LB

Possible Replacement For: Rod Davis, TJ Hill, Lawrence Gordon

Harris has only been in town for about a week, so throwing him into a game without having much time to digest the defensive playbook might be a little difficult. That being said, maybe this is exactly why he should be inserted into the lineup. He can’t over think the game and might just go out there and play the game. Players can sometimes get a little to focused on playing within the system and forget to let their instincts work for them.

Justin Brown, DT

Possible Replacement For: Adam Braidwood, Dee Sterling, Andre Coleman

Considering that Brown just came out of the lineup gives a pretty good indication that the coaches are looking for something more than what the defensive tackle was bringing to the table. Brown needs to get a little nastier in practice and work his way back into the lineup, otherwise, if Adam Braidwood is ready to go, the Esks might look to replace Brown on the practice roster with another area of need.


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