CFL Roundup 12.0

Dual Ownership

Doug Farrar of Shutdown Corner touched on the unique circumstance where David Braley owns two teams in the same league in a post this past week. The question is whether this is good for the CFL or not? The CFL is a unique league, because no one is getting rich the way that players and owners in the NFL are making money hand over fist. It has a more grass roots feel to it where players are essentially just regular members of the community. They don’t live in gated communities and complain how they are not “getting paid” a year into a three year deal. They have mortgages and car payments just like most of the fans in the stands.

This is precisely why the ownership of two CFL teams by one individual can work. The league is financially viable, but a work stoppage or the loss of another franchise would certainly undermine all the hard work that has been put in by countless individuals to make the CFL as successful as it has become. If Jerry Jones went out and bought another team in the NFL, it might not work so well.

Revisiting Canadian Quarterbacks

Danny Brannagan’s success at making the practice roster of the Toronto Argonauts probably made more headlines than the battle for the starter’s job in Ontario’s capital. It’s a topic that has been revisited by Mario Annicchiarico in a three part series that he wrote for the Edmonton Journal. It’s an interesting topic for many reasons, but the overwhelming one that seems to be driving motivator among those following the storyline is the hope that a face of the franchise could eventually be a Canadian one in the CFL. With the exception of perhaps Andy Fantuz in Saskatchewan, every team’s marquee marketing players are imports.

Which brings us back to Brannagan, who is current leading contender to make the jump to being a non-import quarterback on a CFL roster. The Queen’s University product is still taking it all in on the practice roster and until there is an injury to one of the three active quarterbacks, it’s doubtful that this will change.

Below is a little highlight video from when Brannagan and Erik Glavic met in the 2009 Vanier Cup. The quality is pretty average, but you get a good idea of how good the best that Canada has to offer can be.

Catching up with Eskimos past

For those of you who roam the world of Twitter, Ronald “Goldie” McClendon has an account and posts quite regularly. Sounds like he is keeping busy and staying in shape.

Lost Draft Pick for the BC Lions

With the fourth overall selection in the 2010 CFL Draft, the BC Lions selected Danny Watkins, an offensive lineman from Kelowna, BC who currently plays for Baylor University in Waco, Texas. A recent article suggests that Watkins has a pretty good shot at making a living in the NFL, which demonstrates one of the perils of highly touted prospects eligible for the CFL. There are currently only four of the seven players taken in the first round on CFL rosters with Watkins, along with Toronto draft pick Cory Greenwood and Edmonton prospect Brian Bulcke still playing football south of the border.


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