The boss has spoken. Will the players respond?

Now I’m sure that Rick LeLacheur might not go the extremes used by Al Capone to get the message across that individual achievement means nothing without the success of the team, but you can bet that changes will be made if the Esks don’t turn things around in a hurry. LeLacheur left no one in doubt that everyone in the organization is on the hot seat to be better and that if the results don’t start coming, jobs will be lost.

Here are a couple of choice quotes by the CEO.

“The game on Saturday was a total embarrassment; an embarrassment to the players, coaches and management. It’s just not acceptable,”

“Winning is the only thing.”

“We went through a lot of things with football operations. The coach’s job is to prepare the game plan and prepare the team for practice and get ready to play. The players’ job is to come to work, starting on Day 1 and be prepared to play when that ball is kicked off.

“Clearly, on Saturday, we were not ready to play. That first quarter was a total embarrassment.”

“Let me put it this way: There is nobody in this organization that is untouchable.”

Pretty tough talk from the guy at the top, and we here at Esks Nation have no doubt that he will follow through on shaking things up if he doesn’t see more positive results over the next couple of weeks.

Message Received by Coaches

The coaching staff made a few roster adjustments this morning at practice. Most of the moves were made due to injury, but there were more than enough of them to probably ruffle a few feathers. On the defensive side of the ball, Larry Birdine, Adam Braidwood, Jason Nugent, and Roderick Williams are in while Kai Ellis, Justin Brown, Jason Goss, and Saleem Borhot are out. Ellis and Borhot are both out with injuries. On special teams, Mathieu Bertrand was not on the field with Corbin Sharun taking his place.

Along the offensive line, one has to wonder if the Esks might go with two imports and add Jeremy Parquet to the starting rotation. The team could use a shot of toughness and willingness to get downright mean and Parquet could provide the answer. Whoever comes into the lineup, at least changes are being considered and wake-up calls are being sent.

Will the Players Step Up?

It wouldn’t hurt for some of the Eskimos players to get a little rowdy at practice. A scrap on the practice field would at least show that someone cares. One hates to say it, but fans are looking for someone in the locker room to grow a proverbial set and start making his teammates become accountable. Apart from players getting testy with each other, the only way to measure this will be to look at the score clock in Commonwealth at about 10:15 PM this Friday.  If the Esks fail to outscore their opponent, chances are that some may be sent packing.


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