Esks Game Day #4


The Eskimos enter today’s game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers with a couple of factors working in their favour. Yes, they have lost every game this year contrary to historical trends that said they should have had a better fate, but this time around, we are not looking at historical stats from another team in another year. Based on the performance of the two teams this year, the Esks should have the better shot at winning this afternoon.

Stat #1

Winnipeg has given up the most points this year at 93 over three games. Be it through the air, on the ground, or with special teams, the opposition has been able to find ways to score points on the Bombers defense.

Stat #2

Despite giving up the second fewest amount of total yards against, Winnipeg gives up first downs like they are giving them away for free. Teams can move the ball against the Blue Bombers which means that their defense can get stuck on the field.


The Blue Bombers have the second worst turnover ratio in the CFL. Of course, the Eskimos have the worst, but the reason this stat works in the Eskimos favour is that if the Eskimos give the ball up to Winnipeg, the Blue Bombers are the team with the greatest potential to give it right back.

Okay, it’s kind of a stretch, but you have to look for the positives here Nation. How about this….

No Buck Pierce

Buck Pierce came out the gates this year like a man on a mission, ready to face all challengers, and ready to do whatever it would take for the Blue Bombers to be considered Grey Cup contenders. For the most part, he had people believing, but then Buck Pierce became, well, Buck Pierce. To go along with the bravado, swagger, and play making ability, one of the key components to Winnipeg’s starting quarterback is his durability or lack thereof.

Throughout his career, Pierce has been known for having great talent (94.7 career quarterback rating), but not ever being able to stay healthy enough to see that talent through (only one season with more than 3,000 yards passing). Knee injuries and concussions have been his downfall, which means that back-up Steven Jyles will be taking the snaps for the Bombers today. Jyles is a good quarterback, but with only a 65.0 career quarterback rating, this should be a move that favours the Esks.

Roster Moves

With Kamau Peterson moved to the nine-game IR, Andre Talbot will continue to start in his place. As previously mentioned here at Esks Nation, Dario Romero will make his first start of the season and fans should expect a bigger impact from the defensive line.


Saturday, July 24th 4:30 PM MST @ Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg, MB

Weather Forecast: +27, partly cloudy


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