Monday Morning Long Snapper

Three fantastic quarters followed by disaster. No matter what the Eskimos did in the fourth quarter, it seemed like it could only end it defeat. You were almost just waiting for the mistakes to happen. The dropped touchdown by Kelly Campbell at the end of the first half set the stage while the two fumbles were icing on the cake. End result? A Saskatchewan win cooked up by the Eskimos.

Improved Performances?

Last week we highlighted five Eskimos that had to be better if the Eskimos wanted to have a better chance at winning. Unfortunately for Kamau Peterson and Skyler Green, they never got the opportunity as both were forced out of the lineup with injuries.  Let’s see how the other three performed just to close the loop.

Andrew Nowacki, WR: Three games and the stat line for Nowacki continues to read zeros across the board. He was targeted only once during the game, and that was by Fred Stamps on a little trick play that Saskatchewan read perfectly. Apart from that, Nowacki was pretty much a non-factor in the game although he did make a tackle on James Patrick when he picked up the Fred Stamps fumble.

Calvin McCarty, RB: Fumble aside, which was a pretty costly error that should have never happened, McCarty was slightly more involved this week in the offensive game-plan although he really didn’t do anything exceptional. He carried the ball three times for 12 yards, with only one carry being for significant yardage when he carried the ball for eight yards in the fourth quarter. It was during this series that McCarty received all three of his carries with the third being the one that led to the turnover on the Saskatchewan 10-yard line. He was also targeted on one pass by Ray and recorded one special teams tackle.

Kai Ellis, DE: Ellis was a little better this week as he recorded two defensive tackles and one special teams tackle. Neither of his defensive tackles were for negative yards, and he didn’t seem to have much of an impact on the game.

Line-up shake-up

For those keeping track, Jason Barnes caught three balls for 23 yards on Saturday. He was also targeted on three other pass attempts by Ray.

Jamaica Rector did a good job returning punts. His 9.0 yards per attempt puts him third in the league in that category for the moment.

Roderick Williams only stat was an unnecessary roughness penalty for 15 yards. Probably not the impact he wanted to make.

Around the league

Three weeks into the season and there have been some surprising results around the league. How many people pegged the Toronto Argonauts to be 2-1 at this point in the season? Put your hand down sir, the answer is no one outside of the Argos dressing room. Although Montreal gets the nod as the first place club in the east due to points for and against, Toronto is right there with them at the top of the Eastern Division. It will be interesting to see how the team plays against a struggling BC Lions team at home this coming Friday.

Oh, by the way, great move by Saskatchewan to cut Marcus Thigpen, who leads the CFL in touchdowns with four after Week 3 while collecting his pay cheque in Hamilton. It’s sad that despite the best efforts of Mr. Thigpen, the Tiger-Cats almost seems to have taken a step back this year.

Someone once commented to me that Calgary’s selection of Rob Maver in the first round was a wasted draft pick. Maybe so if you consider a 2-1 start based largely on the strength of a rookie kicker who has nailed 90% of his field goal attempts and leads the league in points with 35 a waste. Calgary seems pretty comfortable with their kicking game these days. By the way, their offensive line has only surrendered six sacks this year. That’s good for tops in the league.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by billyblaze27 on July 20, 2010 at 11:09 am

    Just shows you what a good coach can do for you! The Argos are playing way over their head and I don’t think Cleo Lemon has even played that great. The young RB. Boyd has carried the load. As for the Stamps what a pick Maver has been. To top it all off, Sandro D. has looked less than average in Hamilton.


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