Esks Release Efrem Hill

Talk about making a statement. If you don’t produce, you won’t be here.

The Eskimos have confirmed the release of wide receiver Efrem Hill today after the import wide receiver has failed to provide the playmaking ability that the club originally thought it would be getting. Hill was targeted five times by quarterback Ricky Ray in the first half of the Esks loss to the Montreal Alouettes and failed to make a single reception. He finished the game with three receptions for a total of nine yards.

Through two games, Hill had registered nine receptions for 64 yards, which really wasn’t that bad, but zero touchdowns and not a single reception over 15 yards certainly showed that he was limited in what he could produce.

Fans have been wondering when Jason Barnes would get his shot at making an impact and it looks like this roster move will allow for the receiver to get his shot in the starting linup. Barnes could either line up in the slot, which would potentially move Kelly Campbell outside, or take Hill’s spot directly at the wideout position.

The Eskimos have also resigned import receiver Jamaica Rector as first reported by Mario Annicchiarico on his Twitter page. Rector was cut at the end of training camp as the Eskimos needed to make room for the return of Campbell to the lineup. The import slotback had 48 receptions in 2009 for 532 yards playing for the Green & Gold in 2009.

Although cutting Hill is a drastic step, it certainly can’t be a surprising one. The Eskimos needed to make a change as only Fred Stamps and Campbell seemed capable of catching passes. Management has sent a strong message to the players in the organization. Produce, or we’ll find someone who can.


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  1. Posted by billyblaze27 on July 13, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    Well its about time to shake things up a little bit. Many of the fans on other sites have been wondering when Barnes would take Hill’s spot and you could see it coming after that { 3 catches for 9 yards} performance. I think Rector should have never been cut in the first place.When he was on the cowboys he was effective in camp and preseason but would always get hurt. I think he appeared in 2 reg. season games over 2 years with Dallas, but was capable had he stayed healthy. I think Rector showed last year he can be a fine CFL reciever. I was shocked when Rector was cut in the first place.


  2. @BB27

    I think it came down to Hill being a natural wideout while the Eskimos had Rector pegged as a slotback. Both produced similar numbers in the preseason, so maybe they decided to go by positional need.

    Can’t say I disagree about getting Barnes into the lineup. He only led the team in receiving during the preseason and showed that he had some chemistry with Ricky Ray.

    I can’t see Rector getting into the lineup barring an injury, unless the coaches decide to maybe take Skyler Green out and have Weldon Brown return punts and kickoffs. This would also mean more time on the field from Calvin McCarty, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.


  3. Posted by Anonymous on July 14, 2010 at 10:13 am

    Great points GW! What do you think of sitting Talbot or Nowacki for Rector, or will we not be dressing enough non-import players? He is a better offensive threat than both of them. What the heck happened to Skyler Green? He was great when he stepped in last year But he has been awful! Funny how the Esks land all these X -Dallas Cowboy Recievers,Ex.{ Tucker,Hervey,Rector,Green} Suprised Jeremaine Copeland ,Rambo and Jameel Richardson have yet to play for the Green and Gold. All fine recievers I must say.


  4. Posted by billyblaze27 on July 14, 2010 at 10:17 am

    As you can see I love the two greatest sports franchises in North America. The Esks and the Cowboys! If we drop to 0-3 this week the Hall watch is on.


  5. Bang on with the reason for dressing both Talbot and Nowacki. Nowacki also fills one of the seven starting positions by a non-import, so don’t expect him to be out of the lineup this weekend.

    As for Skyler Green, he caught fire when he came in, but hasn’t looked very sure of himself this season. Green has bobbled a couple of balls and looks tentative about finding a hole. I should also mention that his blockers certainly haven’t done him any favors either. In the end though, the responsibility still goes back to the guy with the ball in his hands.


  6. Posted by billyblaze27 on July 14, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    If the esks fall to 0-3 this week or 1-4 after five weeks is Hall in trouble? I’m not saying I don’t believe they can turn it around this week, just thinking ahead.


  7. I don’t think so. The Esks should have won last week, and Saskatchewan is a tough team. I think he’s safe for the time being.


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