CFL Roundup 9.0

Football in Quebec

Came across an interesting little blog that follows the University of Montreal Carabins football team specifically, but seems to also cover university football in Quebec as well. is the name of the site and although it is written in French, there is an English translation available at the click of a button on the right hand side.  The site is run by two passionate football fans, and it just goes to show you how closely university ball is followed out east. It might be a site worth following in the fall as we start to look ahead to next year’s CFL draft.

Long Snapper Needed

Taylor Inglis certainly didn’t have to wait long by the phone for a call from another CFL team looking for a long snapper. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers were in need of someone that could pull off one of the most underappreciated jobs in football when veteran Chris Cvetkovic went down with a season ending injury in the pre-season. Winnipeg tried to go with an inexperienced replacement in Adam Bestard, but quickly realized that they needed someone who had already developed the skill required of the position after Bestard had three snaps go awry on him in the Bombers season opening win against Hamilton. You can find a full story on one of the CFL’s true good guys here.

Rookies Finding Their Way

Last week in this space I did an update on the status of rookies selected in the CFL Draft this past May. Some made their teams while others were left to opportunities elsewhere. Looking back on the stats for the first week of the CFL season, it becomes even more difficult to find rookies who have made an immediate impact outside of special teams. Shomari Williams, taken first overall by the Saskatchewan Roughriders had one defensive tackle. Winnipeg’s first selection, receiver Cory Watson, made his first catch in the league count for 15 yards.

A trio of kickers made their mark this weekend, as this is a position where the rookies can more seemlessly adjust to the CFL game given their limited duties. Rob Maver, who was selected by the Stampeders in the first round, went five-of-six in field goal attempts while adding two converts and a single to his tally for the day and sits second in kicking scoring behind BC Lions Paul McCallum. Grant Shaw (R2,11) performed on the opposite side of the McMahon Stadium turf this past weekend for the Toronto Argos, nailing his only field goal attempt and adding a convert. Justin Palardy (R5, 36) was kept busy punting the ball for Hamilton, being called into action nine times.

There were also a few other success stories, such as Calgary linebacker Karl McCartney, who managed to make his first CFL tackle a sack. Not bad for a guy selected in the fifth round.

One other note when it comes to CFL drafted rookies, it looks like Hamilton have added Samuel Fourier to their roster after releasing him near the end of training camp.

It will be interesting to follow these rookies as they progress through the season. I’m sure that as injuries take their toll, more and more will have a chance to step up and shine.

CFL on TV in the USA

For those of us in Canada, watching our team on television when we can’t make it to the ball park is pretty simple. Click on TSN and BINGO! Every regular season and playoff game at your fingertips.For fans below the 49th parallel, watching a game is not quite so simple. Fourteen games will be broadcast on the NFL Network with the rest being available on ESPN 3 online. Not sure if there are any other broadcasters carrying games, either online or on a cable station, but if we hear about it, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Awe, thanks Jess.
So, I’m feeling pretty good overall.  Baby is starting to take up a little more room but has definitely dropped.  I don’t know whether its a -1 or what, but I know its lower.  That being said, it is causing stretching as I feel that in my rib area even though the feet are definitely nowhere around there.  Things are starting to become more painful though.  I can’t sit straight anymore or bend at all, but that’s normal when there’s a little head in your pelvis right???  Please say that’s right. **crosses fingers**  Still working and just going to keep going until it either comes, or I’m physically not able, which my Doctor thought was fine.  (I found a gift certificate for Molly Maid the other day in my cleaning… may have to use that because I just don’t have the energy to nest anymore)
How are you feeling?  Are you finding alot of changes are taking place now?  Do you have any time this week and want to have a coffee?  We should almost do that before these babies come.  it would be neat to actually hear how you are doing…. and I miss you.  These weekends at the lake are fantastic, but really kill my social life 🙂

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  1. Posted by billyblaze27 on July 7, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    It is pretty easy to follow CFL here in the states.Every game is on espn3 which is available on most internet packages and of course NFL network. In years past it was on the dish on altitude,foxsports,nesn,msg,and others. Due to NFL network they are no longer on the other providers. All games are also available on tape delay on


  2. Thanks for the info. I think it’s great that the CFL is getting exposure down south, especially with the amount of talent that NFL teams have been plucking off of CFL rosters in the past few years. Who knows which player could be the next Cameron Wake or Rashad Jeanty to hone their craft in Canada before making it to the bright lights of the NFL.


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