Monday Morning Long Snapper

Break in the schedule

Having the league take a collective breather for ten days after the end of the pre-season and opening on Canada Day will only help the CFL product in the end. As players heal from injuries sustained in what from most accounts across the league describe as ultra-competitive training camps, organizations have the time needed to also properly prepare for opening day. One of the arguments against having only two pre-season games for each team is that most of the players do not get enough time to shake off the off-season rust and absorb enough of the playbook to start the season running on all cylinders. With the minimum ten day break, the players should be rested, ready, and recharged to hit the field at full speed in the season openers this upcoming long weekend.

Getting back into the swing

Fred Stamps, Arkee Whitlock, and Lenny Wals were all back on the field practicing this past weekend, a positive sign that the Eskimos are healing up from training camp and will have some of their most dangerous players ready for the upcoming season opener against the BC Lions on Sunday. Maurice Lloyd is also looking to be regaining his health, and we should be hearing that he is ready and willing to practice in the coming week. The Eskimos will certainly benefit from participating in the final game of opening weekend as it should allow them to get the maximum amount of rehabilitation time to the players that are working their way back from injury.

Thoughts on the season

Make sure you check weekly on both the Edmonton Eskimos website and the CFL Daily Dose website for extra thoughts on the Eskimos 2010 season. One of the great things about the CFL is that there exists a true partnership between the fans and the teams. The passion for Canadian football demostrated by both ensures that the league should find nothing but success over the long term.

Don’t forget

For those of you who can’t stay away from Commonwealth, the Hockey Canada Foundation will be hosting the Canada Celebrates event down at the stadium this evening. You can find more details here.


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