Training Camp Cuts 5.0

Congratulations Son, You Made the Team…

With the final roster moves coming down today, there are a few surprises that have come from the Eskimos. Players have been released who most thought were probably safe, while others have made the team. Let’s a take a look at who the Eskimos released today.

Patrick Afif (OL) – No real surprise here as imports have to be exceptional to make the team along the offensive line.

Kevin Challenger (WR) – Unfortunately for Challenger, the Eskimos were stacked with non-import receivers this year. The addition of Brad Smith and Andre Talbot in the off-season pretty much made it impossible for him to crack the lineup.

Jamaica Rector (SB) – Much like Challenger, Rector was looking at long odds to make the team based on the amount of talent available at receiver. The return of Kelly Campbell probably was the one move that cost Rector a spot with the Eskimos. Don’t be surprised if he turns up either on the practice roster or with another CFL team.

Greg Whelan (LB) – Despite being a good special teams player, Whelan is not a player that was going to be put into a starting spot. Javier Glatt is a better player.

Frantz Joseph (LB) – Maurice Lloyd, Mark Restelli, and Rod Davis are better players, leaving Joseph, who was brought in as an injury replacement last year, out in the cold.

Willie Amos (DB) – A bit of a surprise here, as Amos was taking reps with the first team defence in camp. That being said, other defensive backs have looked good in camp as well.

Taylor Inglis (LS) – The veteran long snapper was undoubtedly a salary cap casualty.  It will be interesting to see if this is the end of his football career as he is unlikely to leave Edmonton given his ties to the community and the commercial real estate business he works for full-time.


Daniel Libre, Adam Braidwood, Pascal Fils, Neil Puffer, Roderick Williams, Corbun Sharun, and  Tremayne Kirkland, all are being shown as deleted from the Eskimos roster on the CFL website.

Aaron Fiacconi, Randee Drew, Dario Romero, Derek Schiavone, Tristan Jackson, and Elliott Richardson look like they have all been placed on the injured reserve as well.

Update #2

So forget about what I posted above about Rector perhaps being on the practice roster. Based on the seven deletions from the Eskimos roster that happened quietly on the CFL website, those seven will be the practice squad for the Green & Gold. When you look at the list, all have some form of upside and should be willing to fill one of the least glamorous jobs in all of professional football.

The fact that Derek Schiavone is back on the injured reserve list is a little curious. The Eskimos have been doing this with Schiavone for a couple of years and you have to wonder when they will be making a decision on what the future holds for the young kicker.

Dario Romero will not be on the injured reserve list for very long. If it is still the kidney stone problem, you can bet that he will be ready to go for opening day. This of course will trigger more movement on the roster.

That’s all for now. It’s been a pretty exciting day around the league with all the decisions being made. Stay tuned for more a little later.


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