Esks Pre-Season Gameday #2

The above sums up the intelligence of BC Lions fans.

Today pre-season game will give the veterans a chance to get their rhythm going before the start of the regular season and will give those hopefuls who are on the brink one last chance to impress the coaching staff in a game situation. A player who can’t perform well in a pre-season game should not have a chance at making the Eskimos line-up no matter how good they look in practice. Players are paid to play the games.

The Battle at Receiver

The Eskimos have a ton of talent at receiver with more imports and non-imports that can play in the CFL than most teams. Don’t be surprised if one or more of the receivers released by the Eskimos when they trim their roster resurfaces with another team sometime during the season. One has to assume that Fred Stamps, Kamau Peterson, and Kelly Campbell are all near the top of the depth chart based on past performance. So who will step up and claim a remaining spot in today’s game? Brad Smith looked pretty good last week against Calgary and Jason Barnes has certainly made a strong case to keep him around. Needless to say, this is a big game for some of the players on the bubble.

Running the Ball

Daniel Libre is going to get some touches in  the game and will try and prove to the organization that he is better option than Ramonce Taylor to be the back-up of Arkee Whitlock. The guy that shows best against the Lions could be the one making the roster. On the non-import side, Pascal Fils looked pretty good last week and is making a strong case to keep him around as well.

Players worth watching for the Lions

Rookie receiver Akeem Foster, who the Lions selected in the 4th round of the 2010 Draft is trying to join a very talented receiving group. Foster is an intriguing prospect because he possesses great size and very good hands. Check out the video linked below on the young Canadian.

It will also be interesting to see how quarterback Casey Printers does in the game. Like Ricky Ray, Printers will probably play about half the game and no matter what he has been saying in the media about football being a team game and such, the success of the team rests on his arm and in his legs. The offensive and defensive lines have undergone some changes in the off-season and will need some time to get things sorted out, but Printers will need to be ready right away.


Sunday, June 20th.  3:00 PM MST @ Empire Stadium

Weather Forecast: +16, Cloudy with showers

Don’t forget to take of dear old Dad today!


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