Tweeting the Eskimos

For those of you who love to follow the Eskimos via Twitter, we here at Esks Nation decided that it was high time that someone look into who exactly on the Eskimos had a Twitter account. So we embarked on a little mission in much the same way that two guys named Lewis and Clark took a nature hike.

What we found was not really an extensive list. For the sake of privacy, any player that we did find who protected their tweets has been left off the list.

The resident Twitter guru has to be either Kamau Peterson (Gr8grab) or Andre Talbot (AndreTalbot) as both keep fairly active accounts. Although neither players has updated their account since the beginning of training camp, both were pretty regular about keeping fans abreast of what they up to during the off-season. They always had a comment to add about the goings on of the league or just posted random thoughts like this gem from Peterson.

There has to be some correlation between fast twitch muscle fibers and sour candy. Somebody do a study.Gr8grab – 2:22 PM April 21st

Awesome post! I think we should get right on this valuable research.

Arkee Whitlock (eskimos36) also has an active account, although he hasn’t been on since the May 13th and has only made 13 updates. It seems like most players are either too busy to be on Twitter these days or maybe there might be some type of team rules about them.

Ramonce Taylor (RamonceTaylor), Randee Drew (Randee_Drew), and Un’Tavious Scott (HeartbreakTai) were the other accounts we managed to dig up, but sadly, all seem to have abandoned the world of Twitter.

Aside from the Eskimos, there are a couple of other personalities involved in the CFL that are pretty good tweeters (is that a word?). Former Eskimos running back Jesse Lumsden (JesseLumsden28) has been posting about such topics as the World Cup and the University of Waterloo scandal while he waits by the phone for a team to call. Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Ken Miller (Coach_KenMiller) tweets all things Riders and teases fans about upcoming announcements regarding the ball club. And don’t forget about Casey Printers (CaseyPrinters), the starting quarterback of the BC Lions keeps in contact with his fans via Twitter and has been posting during the Lions training camp.

So if you are like Esks Nation or even the Edmonton Eskimos and have a Twitter account, you might want to consider adding a few of these to your following.


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