CFL Roundup 6.0

Putting Stock in Pre-season Games

As a fan, it’s easy to get really excited about the performance of your home town team during one of its two pre-season games. It is easy to get excited by a big win, case in point, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers manhandling of the Grey Cup Champion Montreal Alouettes this past weekend. And it is also easy to dismiss a loss as nothing more than a scrimmage where your team came out on the wrong end of the score sheet. The Eskimos dropped their first pre-season home game in four years to the Calgary Stampeders and the reaction in Edmonton was that the game didn’t really matter. The reaction in Calgary was slightly different. The headline on the Stampeders website read “Good way to kick off 2010”. And why shouldn’t it. Winning breeds confidence and gets a team moving together in a common direction. A lose points to a lack of execution and play making. Should what should a fan take out of a pre-season game? Well, maybe a little or maybe a lot depending on the result; however, it never hurts to win.

The Grey Cup & Football in Toronto

After spending a three years out west, the Grey Cup game will be heading back east as Toronto will play host in 2012. It will be interesting to see how the event is handled in the city where the CFL is largely ignored and only the truly committed make their way to the Rogers Centre on game days. The 2010 Grey Cup game sold out in Edmonton even before the first snap of the preseason had been taken. Something leads me to believe that it won’t as hot a ticket in Toronto.

The Next Stevie Baggs?

He may have already arrived in the CFL. Hamilton defensive end Khari Long picked up right where he left off last season by recording three quarterback sacks in the Tiger-Cats preseason game against the Argonauts this past weekend.  Although Long floated around the NFL periphery for a little longer than Baggs, he never really had an opportunity to play down south. His emergence with the Tiger-Cats last season certainly made offensive coordinators around the league take notice, and you can bet that #94 will be accounted for in every CFL city in 2010. If he continues to improve and can increase his production from a year ago, it’s not unreasonable to think that an NFL team might come calling next off-season.

Rider Red?

When you tune into the Eskimos game against Saskatchewan on July 17th, don’t adjust your television. Yes, the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be wearing red and black. In jerseys that look remarkably similar to something that could be worn by the Calgary Stampeders or the Ottawa Rough Riders, the Roughriders will be sporting red and black retro jerseys for the occasion to celebrate 100 years as an organization. It’s an interesting look for a team and fan base that swears they bleed green.

Saskatchewan Retro Jersey

Calgary Stampeders

Ottawa Rough Riders


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