Revisiting the Projected 46 Man Roster

A cool little highlight video from a couple of years ago that should get fans excited for the season

About a month ago, a projected 46 man roster was posted well before all of the pre-camp roster moves were even close to being made. It was a shot in the dark, but on May 13th, was there really much else to talk about?

Now that camp has started, it seems like a good time to revisit the exercise and see what this year’s team could look like. Again, it’s a shot in the dark, well, maybe there is a little bit of light shining, but not much.  A number of fans have now actually seen the players on the field, but there still hasn’t been an actual game yet. Sorting out the pretenders from the competitors is a job for the coaches. For the fans, we get to speculate and anticipate. Enjoy.

Just as a brief reminder, according to the CFL website, the following are the basic rules governing rosters in the CFL.

  • Each team may have a maximum of 42 players, including 3 players who shall be identified as quarterbacks and 39 other players, of whom not more than 19 may be imports.
  • Teams must have a minimum of 41 players, including two players who shall be identified as quarterbacks and 39 other players, of whom not more than 19 may be imports.
  • Each team must establish a reserve roster of 4 players. These 4 players may be imports or non-imports.
Basically, the Eskimos will have a 46 man roster for the duration of the season.
QB: Ricky Ray, Jason Maas, Jared Zabransky
RB: Arkee Whitlock, Calvin McCarty
FB: Mathieu Bertrand, Graeme Bell, Chris Ciezki
WR: Andrew Nowacki, Jason Barnes, Efrim Hill,
SB: Fred Stamps, Kamau Peterson, Andre Talbot, Jamaica Rector
C: Aaron Fiacconi
G: Patrick Kabongo,Kyle Koch, Adam Rogers
T: Calvin Armstrong, Joe McGrath
DT: Dario Romero, Adam Braidwood, Justin Brown
DE: Kai Ellis, Greg Peach, Larry Birdine
LB: Maurice Lloyd, Mark Restelli, Tim St.Pierre, Javier Glatt
DB: Jason Goss, Chris Thompson, Willie Amos, Lenny Walls, Randee Drew
S: Saleem Borhot, Elliot Richardson, Jason Nugent
Special Teams
K:Noel Prefontaine
KR: Tristan Jackson
LS: Taylor Inglis
Skylar Green, Rod Davis, Ramonce Taylor, Gord Hinse
Practice Roster
Andre Coleman, Derek Schiavone, Brad Smith, Greg Wojt, Dee Sterling, Franz Joseph, TJ Hill, Sharun Corbin
Just a couple caveats to finish this off. This projection assumes that everyone is healthy and ready to go from opening day. Yes, Randee Drew and Tim St.Pierre are recovering from injuries, but it looks like they could be good for the start of the season. Again, please note that although I respected the import ratio, I did not respect the salary cap.  Salaries are not disclosed in the CFL, so I may be over or I may be under. Any and all comments are welcome.

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