Welcome to Esks Nation!

The new EsksNation.ca site is almost as cool as this one ?

Okay, so Esks Nation is pretty much the same the old Eskimos Nation website, but there have been a few improvements and a few modifications to the new site. As with most new projects, we will be working out some of the kinks over the next couple weeks and welcome any feedback from those who loyally follow the daily musing of an Edmonton Eskimos fan.

We will also be introducing from new features and partnerships in the coming days and weeks, which we are really excited about as the goal of Eskimos Nation, and now EsksNation.ca, has always been to promote discussion and interest in the Edmonton Eskimos Football Club. The CFL is an exciting and entertaining game, and we are proud to do our part to help fans fuel their interest in what can only be described as Canada’s game.

So buckle up, bookmark us, subscribe to our feeds, and tweet along for what should be a very exciting season. If you have any suggestions for improvements or features you would like to see on the new site, please feel free to contact your old pal Gizzie either by leaving a comment or at Gizzie@EsksNation.ca.


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