Un'Tavious Scott. More than a Unique Name

In the history of the Edmonton Eskimos there have been 32 players with the first name John, six with the name Fred, and even a Shalon. And now, there might be an Un’Tavious. Quite the handle that is.

Un’Tavious Scott is an intriguing prospect for a variety of reasons, but the fact that he is coming straight from the University of Tulsa, without any NFL experience, is what really peaks the interest. As someone who was overlooked by scouts down south, Scott is coming to Edmonton with plenty of motivation to prove that he can be a professional football player. It also demonstrates that he loves to play, and will do whatever it takes to make a career out of the game for which he seems to have a true passion . Take a look at his Twitter or MySpace pages and you can see that Scott is focused on maximizing his potential. Preparation + Opportunity…sounds like the right stuff.

Looking at Scott as a football player, he fills a need for the Eskimos at defensive end. Although standing tall at six-foot-three, he is a little undersized at only 245-pounds. Consider that linebacker Rod Davis is six-foot-two, 240-pounds, you can see that Scott is not a huge lineman by any stretch of the imagination. Undersized players earn their keep by making plays, and while he was at the U of Tulsa, Scott found that using his speed was the biggest advantage he had against opposing linemen.

When asked during an interview last year about how he is successful as a pass rusher, this is what he had to say:

‘Being faster than the tackle always helps. I get most of my sacks around the outside, but my pass rush is really based on what the tackle gives me,’ commented Scott. ‘Before a pass rush, I don’t have a move planned. I can read the tackle. I can tell if he’s trying to play me heavy to the outside, which probably means I have an opportunity to rip inside.’

In ten games played for the Tulsa Hurricane last year, Scott had 28 defensive tackles and led the team with six sacks. He also recorded two forced fumbles along the way. Certainly not numbers that would have scouts beating down the door, but at only 22-years old, there is certainly potential for growth.

Before anybody gets ahead of themselves, remember that both Mark Restelli and Greg Peach were in a similar situations last season coming straight to the CFL from college, and both took a little time to figure out the Canadian game. Being patient with young prospects is something that organizations and fans alike can struggle with because wins and loses are counted in the present, not the future. If he can use his speed to get some pressure on opposing quarterbacks in training camp and the preseason, Coach Richie Hall should be more than willing to find the young man a roster spot. Make sure you watch for #79 as the Eskimos take the field.

As for the video, not a lot exists on Scott. He does appear a few times in this one, but does not do anything impressive. Take a look for number 56 for the team in the darks.


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