East vs. West

Looks like the best seat in the house.

In the CFL, when someone mentions East vs. West, one normally thinks of the two divisions in the league. This time, with the season just around the corner, and Eskimos season-tickets arriving at fans door steps, the East vs. West question has to do with Commonwealth Stadium. More specifically with where the best seats in the house can be found in the aforementioned venue. On the west side of the stadium, looking down on the Eskimos bench, or on the east side, in a good position to heckle the opposing team. Which is the best place to sit?

All for the East!

The key advantage to the east side of Commonwealth Stadium is that you get to enjoy the sunshine just a little bit longer as the late afternoon turns to dusk. This can be especially nice on a warm afternoon while you enjoy an ice-cold cola, and watch the Eskimos spank whoever wandered into Edmonton that week. Sitting on the east side also gives a fan a better chance to rain good-natured jeers and taunts down on the opposing team. True Eskimo fans of course know how to do this with class and taste, especially those found in College Corner. And finally, the east side offers the best escape route to the LRT station after the game. Taking advantage of the Eskimos Green & Go program is a no brainer, especially for those who might decide to upgrade their colas for wobbly-pops.

And now for the West!

On the other hand, sitting on the west side allows fans to stay cool and avoid squinting to watch the game as the sun sets on the fans on the opposite side. The west side is also the home side, so any true home town fan should have their bottom planted firmly behind their squad. For most of us, the west side is also probably the first side that we sat on as members of the Knothole Gang. So nostalgia certainly lends one to be part of the west side. And finally, for those who are true to their roots, associating themselves with anything starting with the word “east” is simply not possible.

So East or West? Which one do you sit on, or is it okay to straddle the fence and alternate between sides. In the end it seems, a fan just can’t go wrong by being in attendance at the greatest stadium, and with the best crowds, in the CFL.


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