CFL Roundup 3.0


There are a couple of stories that seem to be festering below the surface of reports coming from the CFL. The first is the state of negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement. With less than two weeks before the beginning of training camps around the league, a solution does not appear to be imminent. Simply to ask question on this. What gives? The CFL is experiencing a boom in popularity and with the ultimate marketing machine in TSN fully committed to grow the game, shouldn’t everyone be doing their darndest to get this resolved?

Also festering is the status of Kelly Campbell. To date their have been no reports confirming that the talented wide receiver will be making his way north to play football. On the other hand, no one is saying that he won’t be attending training camp. A nice little press release either way would be great to see in the near future.

Quebec Major Football League

If there is a work stoppage in the CFL this summer, some players may find work anyway in the QMFL. It’s a league we here at Eskimos Nation had never heard of prior to their holding a draft last week to select CFL players. Mathieu Bertrand was the only member of the Green & Gold selected as there were numerous restrictions on who could be chosen. If there is a work stoppage in the CFL, how many players will risk playing, and potentially sustaining an injury in what appears to be an amateur senior league? It would be a stretch to think that many players would risk it.

Rule Changes

Just in case anyone is interested in some minor (or major depending on your take) rule changes for the 2010 season.

  • Teams that score a touchdown in overtime are required to go for a two-point convert by running or passing the ball into the end zone instead of kicking for a single point.
  • A team that gives up a field goal (during regulation time) will have the option of scrimmaging from its 35-yard line instead of receiving a kick-off.
  • There will be no penalty for pass interference applied if a forward pass is deemed uncatchable.
  • When a ball is punted, hits the ground and hits a player from the covering team, it will result in a penalty of five instead of fifteen yards.

You can read more about it in Rod Pedersen’s column on

History will be Made

I know it still hurts if you are a Roughrider fan, but this video needs to be seen by the masses.


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