CFL & CFLPA Reach Agreement

Just as we here at Eskimos Nation start to wonder what is going on with the labour negotiations between the CFL and CFLPA, a deal subject to ratification by the CFLPA membership is struck. It is certainly a positive sign for a league that is only growing in popularity in Canada.

Although the league has not released the new terms of the collective bargaining agreement, sources within the league have disclosed that the following terms have been agreed upon.

  • Under the agreement, players received a minimum of 56 per cent of the league gate and TV revenues. Under the new agreement, players will receive the amount mandated under the league salary cap, currently set at $4.2 million, and the league will keep any additional revenue.
  • The number of non-imports on CFL rosters, currently 20, and the number of non-import starters, seven, will remain the same. It had been speculated that the league was seeking to reduce the number of non-import players on each team’s roster.
  • The agreement contains language that would allow for a random drug testing program to be implemented.
  • The four-and-half hour work day will remain as-is, however, some players will be subject to a three-day voluntary off-season workout program.

The players will have a chance to vote on the new agreement prior to the start of the season, but most feel that is will pass without much resistance. Getting this done without a disruption to the season is great for all those with a vested interest in the league including the owners and players, but most importantly the fans.


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