Offensive Line Depth

The signing of Dan Comiskey with the Calgary Stampeders, a soon to be 38-year old Dan Comiskey, emphasizes the lack of depth on the offensive line of the Eskimos neighbours to the south. The former Most Outstanding Canadian for the Eskimos certainly is a talented football player, but he has had some injury issues since that time and has been out of the game for almost two years. Typically not the type of impact starter that most teams would be signing if they thought that the offensive line was a position of strength on their football team.

Signing Comiskey was something that was never considered here at Eskimos Nation due to what appears to be a decent amount of depth at the position for the Green & Gold. The Eskimos were very fortunate in 2009 to have the same offensive line for the entire season with no major injuries occurring to any of the starters. That being said, a radio personality in town mentioned that perhaps the Eskimos could actually use the service of Comiskey and that his presence would make the line stronger.

Assuming Comiskey would be filling a guard position, is he really a better option than either Patrick Kabongo or Kyle Koch? Kabongo is in his prime and perhaps the best offensive lineman on the Eskimos roster. Koch is only 25-years old and just finished his first full season as a full-time starter playing at left guard beside veteran tackle Joe McGrath. He certainly showed enough promise in 2009 to think he could be a starter for the next five to seven years. On paper, it looks like a no brainer. Both of the current starters represent a better option for the Green & Gold both in the present and future.

So would Comiskey help out the Eskimos from a depth perspective? His leadership, dressing room presence, and knowledge would certainly be valuable, but Comiskey is a competitor who is probably not coming back to play if he is going to be watching from the sidelines. Dan Comiskey is genuinely a great guy, but that alone should not translate into a roster spot. The Eskimos also have three very promising offensive linemen that they would probably like to keep around in Adam Rogers, Gord Hinse, and Greg Wojt.

As much as it pains me to say it, the Eskimos are probably better off taking the pass and letting Comiskey sign with the Stampeders. The core group in Edmonton has a lot of potential and it will be interesting to see how they perform in 2010 now that offensive coordinator Kevin Strasser will have a full off-season and training camp to get everyone on the same page. The guys lining up for the Green & Gold are solid and like most offensive linemen, under appreciated. I mean, you didn’t think that Arkee Whitlock ran for all those yards last year based solely on his talent?


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