What’s the status of Kelly Campbell?

In 2008, the Edmonton Eskimos signed a little known receiver out of the NFL by the name of Kelly Campbell. Campbell, as we all know, went on to lead the CFL in yards per completion with an astounding 22.6 yards per completion while catching 54 passes for 1,223 yards and seven touchdowns. Not bad for a first year player in the CFL. With good speed, sure hands, excellent route running, and an immediate chemistry with the Eskimo quarterbacks, he was an instant superstar for the Green & Gold.

Make no mistake it about, Campbell was a great player during his lone year in the CFL, however, he is a player with an NFL dream first. If there is a way for him to make his living in the NFL, he will find it. That being said, Campbell is currently under contract to the Eskimos for the 2010 season as the Eskimos have his playing rights after he was not signed before February 15th. He was waived by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 29th of last year from the injured reserve, effectively ending his chances of playing for the Bucs organization. No other team has reported any interest in him since that time, which means that if Campbell wants to play football professionally, it will have to be in Edmonton.

So the real question will be if Campbell will show up in camp or not. According to various reports, Danny Machocia seems to be pretty uncertain about the status of the wide receiver coming north of the border. His agent has not returned any calls by the press either, which suggests that nothing positive is happening. Typically agents are the first to call the newspapers when their clients are involved in any type of positive transaction, however minor it might be.

The lack of communication from the Campbell camp suggests that the wide receiver will not be in Edmonton for the 2010 training camp. Adding a player with so much talent would certainly be a boost to the Eskimos offense, however, if a player is not chomping on the bit to be here, does the team really want him? There must be some type of underlying reason for Campbell and the Eskimos not to have already announced what the future holds for the talented wide receiver as an Eskimo. An optimistic fan would certainly hope for a quick resolution to this issue so that the team can move forward, with or without him.


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