Corbin Sharun – Defensive Back

Corbin Sharun, #11 pictured above playing for the Edmonton Wildcats, fills out the four deep 2010 draft class for the Edmonton Eskimos. Sharun is a local product from Leduc who played quarterback for the Strathcona Lords in Edmonton, before moving on to St.Francis Xavier where he took snaps for two years with the X-men. Due to illness in his family, Sharun moved back home for the 2008 season and signed on with the Edmonton Wildcats of the PFC. Upon joining the Wildcats, Sharun sat down with head coach Gary Durchik and determined that if he wanted to try to play in the CFL, a position switch was in order. Two seasons playing defensive back convinced the Edmonton Eskimos to select Sharun with the 43rd pick in the sixth round.

If there was ever a player you hoped would fulfill his dream to play in the CFL, Sharun would be the guy. Just two days after being selected, Sharun signed a three year deal with Green & Gold. Just watch his post-signing press conference and you can tell this young man is excited just to have the opportunity to be a part of a CFL team. .

Exactly the type of attitude you want to see.

Sharun stands only five-foot-eleven, 214-pounds, so he has to work hard to be a difference maker. His high football IQ has been noted by the Eskimos and they have indicated that Sharun might be a good fit playing closer to the line of scrimmage as a cover linebacker. Although he might become a good back-up early in his career, Sharun will need to earn his pay cheque on special teams as a rookie.

The young linebacker will definitely face some stiff competition for a roster spot coming into camp. There are three other non-import linebackers currently on the roster along that Sharun will be competing with. He will probably need to beat out at least one of them in camp if he wants to make the active roster. It will be a tough assignment, but judging by his skill, that he demonstrated at the Eskimos open tryout a couple of weeks ago, and his positive mindset, don’t be surprised to see Corbin Sharun making his pro debut in Week 1 of the 2010 season.


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