Scott Ferguson – Offensive Line

Adding an offensive lineman to the roster is never a bad idea, especially when you can add one like Scott Ferguson in the fifth round. As has been discussed, most analysts have stated that this year’s draft class was extremely deep along the offensive line. John Bender, probably one of the two best prospects in the draft, fell to the third round due to concerns about his potential to go to the NFL. John Reindeers, who had been mocked by some to go as high as the end of the first round, fell to the fourth round. So getting quality like Ferguson in the fifth was not only possible, but a smart move by the Eskimos. Fill other needs first, then go for depth on the offensive line.

Ferguson started at left tackle for all 11 games in 2009 for St.Cloud State, and is absolutely huge. At six-foot-six, 330-pounds, he has shown that he can man the outside and protect the quarterback’s blindside. He still has one more year of college eligibility, so Ferguson can continue to develop his skills before he joins the Eskimos in 2011. That shouldn’t worry the Eskimos however as they still have Adam Rogers, Greg Wojt, and Gord Hinse on the roster, all of whom are young developmental prospects that could form part of the future offensive line.

Picks made at the top of the draft are the flashy picks that while not easy to make, certainly present a greater chance at success. Scouts and football executives make their pay in the lower rounds by finding gems that other teams overlook. At first glance, it appears that Danny Machocia and the rest of the football operations staff made a great selection by adding Ferguson.


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