Lumsden's Chances 50-50

Could the game highlighted above be Jesse Lumsden’s first and last game wearing the Green & Gold? As reported by Dave Campbell, Coach Ritchie Hall pegs Lumsden’s chances of being part of the team going into training camp as a 50-50 proposition. I have to assume that the key question the Eskimos management has is regarding the health and strength of Lumsden shoulder. By is that the only part of the equation?

The Eskimos can only bring 68 players, plus all non-counters, to training camp, which incidentally is set to open in about a month’s time.  By my count, they actually have one extra spot that they could use to sign another player. They also only have four running backs on the roster a the moment; two non-imports in Lumsden and Kelvin McCarty to go along with import running backs Arkee Whitlock and Ramonce Taylor. Not exactly the same situation they had at defensive back or linebacker prior to the roster moves they made on Monday.

Now if Lumsden’s shoulder can’t pass the physical evaluation, well, you either release him and move on, or wait around like they did with Braidwood. If however, Lumsden’s shoulder is rehabilitated, one would think it would be worth it to bring #28 back for camp. He did after all make the team last year and was the opening day starter. Besides the fact that he can play the game, bringing him back for depth purposes makes sense with McCarty being the only other non-import back. If McCarty were injured, having a healthy Lumsden in the lineup would certainly give the coaching staff some flexibility when it comes to the import ratio.

Before we read too much into this developing story, I believe that the comments made by Coach Hall were more about Lumsden’s health then his play. If he is healthy, there should be no reason to believe that #28 won’t be a part of the Green & Gold in 2010. What do you think the Eskimos should do?

Update: And on Wednesday morning, the Eskimos released Lumsden for medical reasons. It will be interesting to see if someone else is willing to give the 27-year-old another shot at playing in the CFL.


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