Post Draft Roster Trimming

If anyone wants to wear jersey numbers 6, 9, 42, or 92 on the Eskimos, now is the time to grab them. In a move that was not really surprising, the Eskimos started to clear the decks of players that they felt would not be making their squad this year. It’s actually a good move for the players that were released as they all now have a chance to find themselves a spot in another team’s training camp with plenty of time to spare.

Released were defensive back Lenny Williams, linebacker Reggie Hunt and defensive linemen Shaun Richardson and Xzavie Jackson, all import players. None of the moves comes as surprise as all four players were cut from positions where significant upgrades have either been made, or in the case of Hunt, linebacker is just too crowded of a position at the moment.

The release of Williams was not surprising due to the addition of Chris Thompson and Lenny Walls previously in the off-season. Williams was decent in his play for the Eskimos, but even with cutting the defensive back, the Green & Gold still have ten roster spots occupied at that position.

Hunt was brought in to provide depth at the end of last year after it seemed that almost every other linebacker had either been injured or was still on the disabled list. What it probably means is that second year veteran Rod Davis will have to fight for a roster spot with Franz Joseph, who was signed late last year. Hunt was probably never in the picture and the Eskimos confirmed it with his release.

As for Richardson and Jackson, I would venture to guess that they were released for two different reasons. While Richardson was a victim of better talent being brought in, Jackson’s antics from last year were probably the driving force behind him being selected for reassignment. As you may recall, Eskimos centre Aaron Fiacconi dropped Jackson pretty quick in practice last year and judging from his teammates response to the incident, not a lot of sympathy was going Jackson’s way. The addition of Larry Coleman and Larry Birdine also helped pave the way for the linemen’s release.

In a town screaming for change on the Edmonton Oilers, it’s great to see Danny Machocia and the rest of the Eskimos staff taking action to make the 2010 edition of the Edmonton Eskimos better than the 2009.


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