More Canadian Talent

The Eskimos made a curious move today acquiring two Canadian receivers from the Toronto Argos in exchange for import defensive tackle Eric Taylor. The move is curious because the Eskimos already have a strong contingent of Canadian receivers (Kamau Peterson, Andre Nowacki, Kevin Challenger), however lack depth at defensive tackle. Apart from Dario Romero, it would be tough to classify any of the others as all-star material.  And considering that the Eskimos had to go out and sign street free agent Jerome “Bowling Ball” Haywood (who by the way is still on the roster) midway through the year to fill the injury void, it’s a little bit of a head scratcher as to why they would trade a guy tha started every game he played in over the past two years and recording pretty decent numbers.

Not to say that the Eskimos received the proverbial bag of pucks, or in this case, kicking tees, back in return.  Andre Talbot is one of the better Canadian receivers in the league today, although at the ripe age of 31, his best playing days are probably behind him. He can still contribute, but this trade would have been a lot better if it was made a couple of years ago. The other receiver coming over to the Green & Gold is third year man Brad Smith. Smith is a work in progress who will probably contribute more to the special teams unit than to the offense. He only played in 8 games last year for what was arguably one of the worst teams of all time in the CFL. 

In the end, Talbot might be a nice addition to the roster, and Smith could develop into a quality depth player.  The trade just still seems a little bit curious.

Update: When the trade was announced, I was quick to question the move, or at least label it as curious.  However at the press conference, General Manager Danny Maciocia explained why the organization felt it could move Taylor. According to Maciocia, the Eskimos are on the verge of signing two new import interior lineman, both with NFL experience, and one that the Green & Gold were very excited about. In the end, assuming the signings take place, this could turn out to be a very good trade for the Eskimos.


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